Managed dedicated servers

HP ProLiаnt 2x Xeon 5420 2.5Ghz 12Mb
16Gb memory ECC level. 2х73Gb SAS HDD
+ unlimited bandwidth traffic 100Mbps.

Virtual Servers

Virtualization solution KVM / SSD drive speed up 580Mbps in read / write mode. Technology Cloud, RAID-10 HW.

at $50

DDoS protection safety

Protection guarantees 99.9% availability of your site and server online.

About us

MACHOSTER – is a hosting company provide dedicated and virtual servers. Our equipment is located in a data center, which is located in the heart of Europe - the Netherlands. We get a network providers: AMS-IX - Europe, MSK-IX - Moscow, Cogent, Level 3 Communications. We have more than 700 units own servers, which are leased by our customers. A department for the protection of sites and servers from DDoS attacks. Our experienced staff will help you make the best choice, pick up your server configuration and provide technical support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Our Services


  • VDS server for fast SSD drives

    For fast operation of the site, or brisk processing database MySQL, visited the site we recommend VDS server with SSD drive.

  • High performance engineering.

    The continuous growth in popularity of the site - it leads to an increase in attendance. A large attendance - requires a lot of system resources.

  • VPS and Dedicated server

    Dedicated virtual server - eliminates all restrictions on the number of domain zones, hosted sites, customers (users) and databases.